hi. i'm julie.

I learned my most valuable lessons when my life crashed. More accurately speaking, I'm still learning. Through challenges I have grown both personally and professionally. My thoughts are more intentional, my eye for creativity and design more practiced, my joy for doing what I love more capable of being expressed in the end product. I choose now to see the scars as reminders of how far I've come...of Love that has held me and propels me forward...of the good in life ...of getting to do a job that lights an unquenchable fire inside me. I've been stretched personally and professionally. I imagine we all have. That has made me a better individual and creative, and that means a better end result in photos and films for you.

Just as vulnerability in relationships is a risk with the potential for great reward, so too is photography. If you can be vulnerable with me in front of my camera, there is no limit to the beauty we can capture together.


Clare + Alex

“Oh my goodness - JULIE!!!
These are EPIC!! So stunning and beautiful!!! We just looked at the photos and we are in awe!
Your eye for capturing everything is so amazing.
We are so thankful for YOU!!!”

01 / 03